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There are two groups of people who might take a look at this book. The first will be familiar with Chiji Processing Cards and excited about finding an entire book full of ideas for using them! The second will ask, “What’s a Chiji, and why do I need a guidebook for it?” If you are from the first group, you know why you are leafing through this book, so just skip the next two paragraphs and start reading.

For the second group, Chiji Processing Cards were developed as a processing or debriefing tool. A deck of cards used by educators who teach experientially. This includes not only classroom teachers but also nontraditional educators such as Outdoor Educators, Corporate Trainers, NGO's, Group Counselors; almost anyone who works with groups.

From this initial beginning, educators are now using Chiji Cards in a variety of ways.If you are an experiential educator open to learning new facilitation techniques and curious about how a versatile lightweight prop can liven up your teaching, this book is for you.

This book works well with both the FUNDoing  and Processing Cards available on this site.


The Chiji Handbook


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