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The first installment of “Are You More Like…?” questions appeared in the book, “Games (and other stuff) for Teachers” by Chris Cavert and Laurie Frank.

They elicited such a great response; that my  my colleague Susana and I decided to keep going, and we didn’t stop until we hit 1001 questions to consider.

Have fun with these questions and maybe even run into a little learning along the way. When using the questions encourage your participants to think more about the deeper meaning of the characteristics in each question.

We have found that younger groups will often choose the characteristic they “like” best (nothing wrong with that), whereas older groups can often discover the more metaphorical connections. Do whatever works best for your group and your program goals.

As an educator who knows his or her group the best, feel free to add your own questions and ideas. Just don’t forget to keep the spirit of fun in all that you do.

Are you more like?


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