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A little about our story

It was a simple conversation, an invitation that started this movement - "Would you be willing to teach what you have learned? Here is the place you can use."
Today we have 800 graduates enriching their classrooms through a methodology that values where the student is, using their intrinsic motivation to make learning meaningful.

​All the courses we offer are an attempt to raise the possibility in the minds of educators (teachers, trainers, facilitators, people working with people) that the process of teaching and learning can be exciting, fun, kinaesthetic and meaningful.

Each course brings to attention the outcomes from cutting-edge work from the fields of Brain-body research, Outdoor and Adventure education, Behavioural sciences, Community building, Conflict management, Peace studies and Experiential practices in education.

DEEP began in 2011 as a year-long, 3 hrs/day, 3 days/week course for teachers. It was exhausting, and a big commitment for everyone. The conversations gave birth to the different formats that exist today. They cater to teachers, corporate trainers, Facilitators in training & practice, outdoor and adventure educators, NGO folks and others involved in education and community building.

So far we have been through 18 DEEPs in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. 

The programs are run on invitation. Except for DEEP, which has an announced calendar, if you are seeing this from your city, and want any of the programs run there, send us a mail. We would love to visit!

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