diploma in experiential education & practice

what is 'deep'?

what is being offered?

Started in July 2011, the diploma program has been a 9-month program from July till March, consisting of 2 contact days/month for 9 months.Even in the absence of the current remote-learning necessity, this course has gone through many iterations and improvements in Design, Content and Delivery. Tweaking it just enough to suit the needs and requests of its audiences in the Indian cities of Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Now DEEP is going Global in a new format, in which participants from anywhere on the planet can attend the course.

Almost all the written work in this field comes from a western perspective. My travels across the globe showed me that the application of the principles of experiential education has different interpretations across cultures. There is great beauty in that!

I am sure the experience of that diversity will reflect in the way the course is conducted, giving its audience a more varied perspective of the field of EE.

 "Consciously we teach what we know. 

 Unconsciously we teach who we are."  

All the principles in the practice of EE will be seen from a Facilitator point of view. For example when we look at something like 'Challenge by Choice' we will focus on what that means for the facilitator's intentionality, Social-Emotional state, behaviour and application. It isn't just another thing we do to our groups!

quick facts

  • The focus will be - How we can self-facilitate in the practice of the principles of Experiential Education.

  • A mix of remote learning and In-person sessions, each supporting and strengthening the other.

  • The Content will be covered over 12 Remote-Learning sessions (RL) and a 4-day In-Person (IP) Outdoor session (in India).

  • Each RL session will be designed so that the Content covered can be seen in practice during the In-person session. I will run the first 2 days as a demonstration, putting all the principles learned in the sessions into practice for you to see.

  • For International Students (outside of India), we have devised a different way of doing the Outdoor Sessions. Please get in touch with Vishwas directly to understand this better.
    (Email: or Call +91 9373262668)

  • The following 2 days of the Outdoor session - you as a group will plan for and execute, putting as many principles as possible into practice. In smaller groups of 3 or 4 you will choose, brief and process activities presented to the rest of the group

  • At the end of the course, both written and practical assessments are possibilities to choose from.

  • You will get a Certificate of completion at the end of the course.

  • This will be the last one for some time. So if you were thinking of joining it, this may be a good time!

What is being offered now is probably the biggest modification to the course - again affected by what is real in the world today. 2020 has taught us one big lesson - that we all need to learn to manage ourselves a lot better if we have to manage classrooms, groups and relationships more effectively.

As educators our influence on our audiences is far greater than we realise. This fact is best illustrated when asked the question - "Whom do you remember from your school days, and why?"

Course starts on

2 Oct. 2021- Every Saturday from 6 - 8.30pm IST (World-Clock)

12 Online Sessions + 4 Days of Outdoor Sessions

Course fee:

Rs. 36,000/- (India) 

$500 (Overseas students)

(15% discount for AEE members)

With 12 years corporate experience and 31 years in the field of education (children & adults), Vishwas brings to his facilitation a variety of experience from Sales & Marketing, Teaching, Training, Peace building in communities, Outdoors and Adventure.

His travels with Play for Peace and desire to build peaceful communities has taken him to Canada, USA, N. Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East to work with organisations involved in building peaceful communities.

His Corporate facilitation work has taken him all over India, and other countries - Dubai, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Czeck Republic.

His experience and application of experiential methodology in the classroom over 30 years includes working with teachers to have more exciting classrooms, and travels into the outdoors with children. Expeditions of body and mind are common practices in his methodology.

He has the ability to manage large groups, creating for them powerful experiences short and long, so that the meaning emerges as a result of their own initiative and engagement. He also has considerable experience with Senior Leadership teams, and has designed experiences for teams in Peru, Costa Rica, Croatia and Sri Lanka.

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