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New Delhi

What DEEP did to me is to take my life in a different dimension. Through all the models and theories that I went through the remarkable ones are the 3 C's of professionalism, the Kolb's learning style theory, the adventure wave or the group development theory, DISC and the Kraybill's conflict management theory.

The 3 C's taught me that there's no difference between personal and professional life and maintaining professionalism is very important at home too. The control that I have now upon my conscious conduct is all part of this. Because what I do reflects on who I am!

DEEP made me read and realize the importance of reading and writing. That's how people bloom and grow! And I've started from facilitating myself and my relationships, that's my Practice. I'm learning not to expect and not to be too attached but the art of letting go! I'm learning not to crib and be happy everyday! The "wow! really?" and "hain nah?" factor is another huge takeaway!

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