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In classrooms with or without walls when working with children and adults.

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As we live longer lives, the connections we begin to draw with each experience increase. Even the same experience separated by time is received differently. We all learn differently, so the individuals in a group going through the same experience (say of being on a boat) will receive it in their own unique way.

The world of Experiential Education recognizes the power of experience, and applies it to the learning space. An educator is often asking questions like:

  • How can I create experiences that will help my audience learn better?

  • What can we do in classrooms to engage students more actively?

  • What can i do to help my students make connections between what is being taught, and the world they live in?

This methodology finds wide applications across the worlds of schools, adult classrooms and organisations.

Our endeavour is to offer an insight into Experiential Education as a methodology, and its application in child and adult classrooms where learning can be engaging, kinaesthetic, and fun.

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