The new greeting!

Those of you wanting to do the DEEP course are probably wondering if it will happen this year. Answer these questions -

Can birds stop flying? 

Can water stop flowing? 

Can humans stop gathering? 

Will DEEP be cancelled this year? 


There IS only one answer to all these, and it is the same - "No!"

I do not see DEEP becoming an online course. It's strength is in the gathering of people, in dialogue, laughter, the face-to-face and human circles. These are the things i value the most, and shall hope to keep alive as long as i can. 

Since the course is conducted in a college premises, we are dependant on it opening its doors to all the other courses and students. When they do, we do as well. I expect maybe a delay, but NOT a cancellation of the course.

So go ahead and Register We will keep you updated.

Another thing - IF for whatever reason it gets cancelled, the money will be returned to you.

Courses for 2020-21

Facilitating for Transference

Making the purpose of all learning more meaningful for our audiences.

Dates to be announced soon.

Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice

9 weekends (1 weekend a month)

Starting July 2020 in Pune.

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