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He is different...Haven't met an educator like him. You can't tell whats happening to you while in the session with him but his subtle talks makes you think about yourself the way you haven't thought before and that makes the difference !!! Before you know , it's already started happening.
I call it AWAKENING.

He skillfully touches your inner places of mind which you didn't know in there. He makes you believe that you are different , every single person is different , and every single person is capable of and made to do things differently. DEEP10 as process gave me tremendous confidence as being unique person and made me believe in myself all over again.

I believe Patience and Power of listening are two qualities he transferred in me. I'll consider myself proud and lucky if I can do at least once of work what he have done :)

Ninad Redij

Exploring Outdoor Ed


I lived my life believing "there are some things you can only learn in a storm" and enjoyed embracing risk and challenges turning battles into war.

It all changed the day I completed this course. I love to read this quote from Aristotle once a day "knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom".

The day my daughter was born, the first thought that came to my mind is to give her joyful and memorable childhood experiences. I have started searching for a course that would help me achieve it. I found Vishwas's profile and course details online and decided to do this course.

As usual, I thought work and life took precedence over the course.
I thought it is necessary to complete it as my child is growing. She is 2.7 years now. (If you read this paragraph after attending this course, you would enjoy reading it from a different perspective).

The discussions we had over several weeks have initiated my journey for "self-exploration".

First aid kit, Shoelace and conflict management are game-changers for me.

Vishwas, thanks for providing me the bundle in a single course. I loved the way you made me explore and experience it all through the sessions.


"what I want to be" and "what I am"- Enjoying self-exploration. In the process of discovering the natural me.


Vishwas showed a picture of a forest fire on the first day and asked what does the picture mean to us. On that day I did not know what to say and now after completing the course, that's exactly what I relate myself to. He lit this fire in me which is burning my old biases and perceptions and a re-birth has happened which has helped me to look at things around me in a new and different way.

My husband enrolled me in the course( i am so eternally grateful that he did) and I went with a certain expectation and from there Vishwas took us on this roller coaster ride to help me look into myself and be a better human.

Now anything and everything that's anyone says around me I end up reflecting on what Vishwas would have said. Earlier the things that went unnoticed and now it's becoming clearer as each day passes.

It's so hard to say that this course is just for experiential educators, personally, I feel this course is for anyone and everyone, helping us to become better and grow.

All in all, thank you, Vishwas. You are an amazing role model with some outstanding patience and for being such open and warm-hearted. Thank you so much for the ELI team, without you folks in the background, this experience would not have been so great. I love you all :)

Naada Nag

Trying to be the best version of myself and inspire others along the way(Outdoor Educator)

ee2Go-3 | DEEP-10


You made me go through a lot of inner journeys in last few months. The more I dived, I could realise how little I know about myself. Thanks for igniting the curiosity. Hungry for more, will keep on coming back to you

Now I understand why you kept on repeating “this is a lifetime’s journey”.

I do confess that though I barely think that I have control on any of the skills yet, I’m ready to make a mess out there. Thanks for giving the knowledge & courage to ease out of them gracefully.

For me it is the DEEPEST education till now.

Thanks ELI Team for your untiring & continuous support. God knows where do you find such fantastic graphics 😊

Akhil Saraf

Experiential Educator | Executive Search


I signed up for DEEP at a friend's insistence, but I really didn't know what to expect. Right from the first session in April 2021, DEEP has been life-changing for me in many ways. He is not like the rest of the educators you meet. He has his own style and a method that really helps you connect with yourself and those around you. All my life education has traumatize me with the way it is delivered, but DEEP is nothing like those traumatic memories.

I used to be (still am at times) a nervous wreck, but DEEP has helped calm those nerves. The sessions are like chicken soup for the soul. It's brightened my day on so many days. It has also changed the way I parent my child. I'd like to think that this course has changed me in some ways. And this really is just the beginning. Cant wait to see what happens next!

As I look back at all those 12 sessions I've had at DEEP - my mind goes back to the Shoelace story. That was your Sermon on the Mount, Vishwas! That one session pretty much sums up everything the world needs today.

Thank you for everything. Eternally grateful. :)

Jincy Varghese

Still figuring out. But mostly, a dreamer.

Facilitation for Transference

Even after sailing for a decade in the learning space, I have always had questions about the standard practices, Industry expectations and my own approach towards design and facilitation of learning. The course answered so many questions for me! Throughout the course, I was shedding skin like a snake, unlearning so much and soaking in the new from the vastness of Vishawas's wisdom on transfer and learning. I wish the course never ended! My learning in this course was more than what I had gathered in a decade! In the Industry where so many people claim content dumping to be learning, Vishwas makes so much sense as he helps us learn how to make connections between what is taught in the classroom and how to apply that learning in the experiences they have. Blown away, bowing down to this masterful facilitator! Pure Gold!

Surbhi Sharna

All Things Human - Behavioural Facilitative-Trainer, Life & Leadership Coach, Learning Experience Journey Designer, Content Stitcher

DEEP, Facilitation for Transference

After years of dead bore classroom education in school, I joined DEEP when I was still in college and had my first "aah! now I get it" moment when Vishwas was talking about different learning needs and styles.
Since then, I worked in various countries as an Outdoor Educator and kept re-visiting Vishwas's words whenever I was stuck in life or with a group. Amazingly, my biggest difficulty faced with a group got answered when I attended a second course in 2020 way after my first one in 2016.
It is definitely not a coincidence that I learn and feel ready to experiment the same in field every time I'm around him.
To put it simply: he is amazing not because he says a lot of important stuff, but because he actually shows relevance of that 'stuff' in life and never forces it on anybody. What is better than being able to choose your own lesson? :)


Pursuing Master of Teaching

DEEP, Faciliation Continuiation, EE2go

I have been on this journey with ELI since 2016 and it has profoundly changed my life. No matter how many times i revisit the content with the guidance of Vishwas and the ELI team, there is always something new to learn and there is always a shift - a deeper understanding of this line of work and my self is achieved
It is a beautiful shared journey and i cannot recommend any course with Vishwas enough. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Sukriti Gupta

Experiential Education Consultant -

ee2go - 2