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Courses for 2020-21


An Online Education in

Experiential Methodology

8 weeks | 2.5 hours/week

Starting 3 October 2020

every Saturday

 3 Oct - 21 Nov 2020 

 Fee: 10,030/- 

 Rs.8,500/- (+18% GST) 

Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice


This course will not be conducted as long as the COVID crisis continues. The new form it takes might be a mix of Online & F2F.

 We suggest you join ee2go

 till this is announced! 

Facilitating for Transference

Making learning more meaningful and applicable

for our audiences.

5 weeks |2.5 hours/week

Starting 16 October 2020

every Friday

 16 Oct - 13 Nov 2020

 Fee: 10,030/- 

 Rs.8,500/- (+18% GST) 

Marina Ewald & Kurt Hahn Address - Vishw

The Association of Experiential Education holds a Conference every year in the USA. It is a truly exciting and energising gathering of hundreds of educators from the world of Education, Adventure, Outdoor pursuits and Camping industries. I have attended 5 of these since '99 as an attendee and presenter. It is a great place to get perspective about the subject of Experiential Education and it's rich practice.

This year it is a virtual conference, and priced immensely affordably. 

Join hundreds of Experiential Educators from around the world for three days of engaging workshops, meaningful networking, and informative presentations.

Foster connections that cross any boundaries of profession, background, or border. Together, we can elevate and expand the capacity of Experiential Education.

Click here to know more! 


What people are saying . . .

Ee2Go (July-Sept 2020)

I was introduced to Vishwas through a friend who had done DEEP and was insistent that I must get touched by his way of being. So, although online is just not my forte, as there was no other way out and I was struggling to train teachers online. How can one deliver online and yet let the whole experience be experiential was get challenging for me. So with this agenda, I reluctantly joined Ee2Go.

In the first session itself, I was bowled over by the beautiful Powerpoint presentation (again not my way of delivering). I guess the artist in me connected to the aesthetically done slides and I started paying attention. I found Vishwas very easy going and so relaxed in his demeanour, that it caught my attention too and gave me several clues of how one is as a facilitator.

Session after session, what flowed were numerous theories and models leading to gain a mature thought process, but again what caught my eye was the personal touch. His sharing of his personal stories, asking people to hydrate themselves, and breaking the monotony by several energisers was what kept me sticking initially.

And then there were many things more...The flow theory, the three C's, Reflective practices, Invitational theory and A look at conflict, really made so much sense as it added richness to not only an accumulation of mental processes but also added riches to Life itself.

In the format of Colin Beard, Viswas as a facilitator created a sense of Belonging and led the learner to one's Being. I think it's a huge investment that I have made and am glad and in gratitude for that!

Priti Umamahesvaram Mandi

Educator, teacher trainer, artist


I have been dawdling on writing this for a while now. That's simply because writing about one or two things from an ocean of ideas feels difficult.

In 2008, I went to see the beautiful Andamans. When I dived in the lovely turquoise coral reef waters, I couldn't see the colours and the beauty of the coral reef. All I saw was muddy murky water and bland corals till the time I donned the snorkeling gear. Through that I could appreciate the colourful fish and the variety of corals. What Vishwas gave me was this snorkeling gear to help me see my life, and what I do as a parent, an educator, a friend or a family member more clearly. The concept was 3Cs or in simple terms what is known as consciousness, awareness, or mindfulness. I am still in that ocean trying to navigate my way through tricky waters, but it helps to understand my being and my actions from time to time.

I came as an educator with years of experience and I thought I knew quite a bit about teaching. DEEP just showed me how little I know. More importantly, it showed me how much role do control, perfectionism, and conditioning play in my life - both personally and professionally.

Signing up for DEEP opened a lot of doors for me - one of them was an invitation to a join a community of educators. This community keeps discussions alive and it has been a source of stimulating ideas and questions which have given me a much needed distraction from dreary and overwhelming work during this lockdown.

I find it fascinating how Vishwas can leave a learner in discomfort, allowing the learner to explore and to figure out things for himself. It is not easy to get answers from him. Whatever you get from him may not please you but there aren't many people who will be able to tell you that. Stay with the frustration and the discomfort long enough and understanding starts seeping in like rays of sun.

And it is not empty philosophy that Vishwas offers, he can flood you with enough research, experience and activities to back up his arguments.

I was looking forward to attending DEEP 10. (He allows ex DEEPers as observers.) DEEP 10 didn't happen because of covid 19 situation but I hope that I will get an opportunity to delve deeper into EE philosophies with Vishwas sometime in future. 🤞✌️

Janhvi A Nanavati

Mom to a dog and a human. And an educator, hopefully :)


I joined this course to learn tools/techniques for creating experiences for my students. In just one session, i realized i am here to learn, unlearn much much more. Each session has been a revelation, offering new perspectives, challenging my beliefs, showing me whole new way of looking at education.

What i have learnt in these 10 days is not just limited to education, i see it applicable to life in general. It sure has widened my perspectives.

I am grateful to Vishwas for sharing nuggets of his wisdom so simply with us.

Madhu Maddipatla



Being from the world of design I had never really thought of doing a course in Experiential Education/ learning. I guess we limit ourselves :)
So when my senior ( @work) introduced me to this course I had my own doubts, but after some research and what I heard from her (about her experience ) I dived right in.

The first session I must say left me a little confused or should I say in 'disequilibrium', not sure why, cause I definitely had an engaging session.

The second and third was loaded with content, and had some post-session assignments too. Some I enjoyed doing some I couldn't devote enough time to. However I realized I had happily started taking notes
(writing some memories that connect, adding an idea that clicked and so on).
The fourth session however was a lot more interactive, with role play and analogies. Somewhere in my mind I started building the web connecting my past experiences, reactions, beliefs and values. Some I questioned while some I was proud I got a term to associate ( I'm not sure I'll remember those terms though). But I've slowly started pausing to think whether a few changes here and there in my actions / reactions will make a difference ?
I think that's what this course does. Makes you think, believe in yourself more, shows us perspectives we thought we knew and helps us learn / unlearn in the process.
It kinda grows on you...and me being just half way through I'm sure there's a lot more to come.

Bindhu Madhu

I'm into Designing for children / Content Design / Innovation in Education and ready to grab more on thw way !

CEEP, DEEP, Raccoon Circles

It is not a mere coincidence that the acronym DEEP also describes what this transformational journey is intentionally designed to be!

I joined this program in 2013. After quitting my career as a radio jockey I took the plunge to explore new possibilities in the world of education. Journeying from one professional identity to another is similar to how a snake sheds it’s old skin! During this long, painstaking process the snake is unable to see clearly, not at its best and feels very tentative and vulnerable. Career transitions can be similar.

DEEP gave me the gift of a very supportive community of peers - many of whom were on similar journeys as mine, and are now friends for life. I had a space in which I was comfortable to talk about the struggles, triumphs, good days and bad days of my career transition. I learnt how to accept myself and others, test my assumptions and beliefs, build better relationships and manage conflict. And in Vishwas, I found a mentor and dear friend who helped me work on my blind spots and build a new life. This program helped my character, strengths and unique abilities find new expression. It helped me celebrate myself and the light I bring to the world.

In terms of professional skills, Vishwas taught me the art of facilitation and showed me how mastery comes from being a lifelong student of any craft! I practice these facilitation skills in my many roles - as a program manager, trainer, coach, designer, colleague, family member and friend.

Today, 7 years later, I look back and realise that the larger purpose this program was to make me go beyond the boundaries of everything I was taught and to find my own place from which I now speak my own unique truth! And I'm thrilled to see how Vishwas and his amazing team at ELI have launched these wonderful programs online, made them as engaging and even more accessible to people from across the world! May this light spread and this tribe grow.

Arjun Sashidhar

I help people and organizations across the world develop their potential to create social impact. I manage global programs in Social Innovation and Leadership. My work involves training, coaching, design, community engagement and bringing crazy ideas to life!


This has been one of the best training programs I have attended in terms of content, delivery, expertise in the subject area, and just the overall experience. While I signed up expecting to learn just the basics of Experiential Learning, this course is giving me so much more. Every session has been a revelation of sorts and has helped me see even the concepts I was familiar with from a new perspective.

I have never seen a more giving facilitator who is willing to give as much as one is ready to take. Vishwas’s content delivery style and rich experience (that he most willingly shares via anecdotes and stories) ensures that the most complex concepts get across.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who does any degree of facilitation and definitely to parents…it just opens up a new world of possibilities, while keeping it all doable, realistic…and most importantly, human!

Shweta Agharkar

Learning Consultant

DEEP8 onwards - everything!

I was introduced to this course by a friend who insisted that I do it! I didn't question and just jumped right in with both feet. I had expected it to be interesting for sure, but by the third session, I was completely baffled with the content of the course and its delivery!

Since I'm not from an EE background, I connect the learnings from this course to life itself (or to making films and children's entertainment). I truly believe that if DEEP is something that is taught to us in school - we will have a better chance at life! The sessions on communication, conflict and having better conversations have been profound and I have managed to apply them so beautifully in my personal and professional life. Many more concepts like detachment from outcome, FLOW theory, pause, 3Cs, Growth Zones, the importance of PLAY (the list is really long) have had an effect on my being. More than just the concepts - it is the delivery of it that is so organic (it's art!) that has made it so impactful.

Even though we come from the Guru+Shishya culture, Vishwas for me has been a friend more than anything else. Even just seeing him conduct himself in class has given me immense perspective about how a classroom could be.

As I have seen the course over the years now, I have seen that every time we are doing the next piece - he reinvents it! It's never the same... Even with the new online course, he has managed to create deep, impactful experiences for people. I have seen people being moved by the sessions. I'm not from this field, but I do know that there are not too many people who have managed to do this online - yet!

As we say - once a DEEPer, always a DEEPer! This is going to stay with me...

Chetan Vohra

Filmmaker, Children's Entertainment


Initially when I heard about DEEP, (being from the corporate sector) was wondering why am I even trusting him for a 9-month commitment when the work he does is mainly for facilitators, teachers. Besides, you ask him a question and he has no answers.…Don’t mistake me, Vishwas is very approachable, but definitely you will never, ever get answers from him, all who know this will be smiling!!!
For me, DEEP – 9P, a life changing process. Can’t explain in words but one has to experience it as the degree varies for each individual. I was able to confirm my purpose in life and what it will take of me to achieve it. It takes into consideration the whole person. Learning was fun here in DEEP because he let me be myself, comfortable in my skin. No judgements whatsoever, but probing questions for reflection plenty.
A few lessons will always stay with me which are not very novel you may say but got a chance to live them….”detach from outcome”, “pause”, “plan till you die and throw it away”…..and many more complex concepts, simplified. In my journey of being a better person everyday, DEEP has played a role and given me strength in my dark days.
I was lucky to have the classes in Pune where I met the most beautiful, loving people, respected individuals in their own field….but here all merely students wanting to understand more from him…..
Last but not the least, once you get hooked on to him it is a life- long membership, of discussions, sharing important learnings, stupid irrelevant stuff, references, workshops everything needed to become a better individual and facilitator.
Lovingly for many he is “dadi wale baba” his iconic style, “Vishy” for a few…for me “My cool guruji”. Very calming to be in his presence. Grateful to the universe that I was introduced to him and learnt a lot from him….journey still continues.

Lina Vijay Singh

A corporate employee by profession, a counsellor by choice for kids, adolescents, parents.


The whole experience of DEEP has been wondrous. It's been more than a year that I did DEEP, the things I learnt here will stay with me for life. The concept of my state of being in my daily mundane things or during counseling has had a huge effect in the way I deal with every aspect of life. For me the concept of how my state of being affects the things that happens when I am dealing with people caught my attention, but it was Vishwas literally showing me what it means to be alive , open and authentic in the moment that made a huge impact. The whole content that's dealt in DEEP is literally deep, at the start ,it was all hazy... As I started relating to them in the context of my life, my whole experience of it changed, there was so much clarity to the puzzle called life. It's not only helped in how I deal with my counselee's but also made parenting and other relationships a much more fun and enriching experience.

Rekha Karthik



I got the basic frame work of experiential education. The below and Above line was an effective tool in my personal learning and in my designing of programs as an educator. During the course I applied experiential education model in designing and delivering. Keeping ‘my agenda’ away, and openness to flow with involvement of participants impacted the outcome. After my awareness of my learning style as accommodative, my effort to integrate gradually other style is my way forward and it enriches my perspective and contribution

Kabeer NV



I had been hearing about DEEP from a lot of people around me. And all of them were professionals who I have looked up to. But, nothing prepared me for the paradigm shifts that were to come.

The way that Vishwas weaved theory with practice and the live learning that happened under his nurturing and encouraging guidance, is an experience in itself. It opened me to new ways of looking at experiential learning and implementing it not just in my professional life but also my personal life.

This course has taught me so many things that I will cherish forever.

If you are even remotely considering whether DEEP, CEEP, raccoon circles or anything that Vishwas Parchure runs, then just go for it. You will walk away with something really valuable.

Prathamesh Kulkarni

I run adventure based learning programs for children and exploring coaching with adults

CEEP, DEEP, Racoon Circles

Writing a testimonial for CEEP, Racoon Circles, DEEP, Processing Experiences Purposefully is like writing one for a vast library. When asked what can one take away from these courses, well it depends on which conversation thread, theoretical model, book or activity did you choose to immerse yourself in during the course. Vishwas Parchure is a vast library!

The mark of a Good educational course is one that fills the gap between the current and the pursuit of a learner, a mark of a Great one is that it gives you the space to explore and imbibe the learnings for life. Transference is at the bedrock of each of these courses.

The courses run by Vishwas are essential from both a professional and personal stand point. His style allows every course to be a personal journey while strengthening the process and theoretical underpinnings in the field of Experiential Education (EE). From a professional development stand point every individual and institution that is in the space of education, training and management must look into the Experiential Leadership Institute. Having attended all the fore mentioned courses and many other run by Vishwas, I am looking forward to going back for the newly launched ‘Facilitating for Transference’.

I have attended numerous courses across the world over the past 20 years of being a part of EE and I am yet see a better facilitator for anyone who is seeking to learn how to practice Experiential Learning as a methodology.

Thank you Sir! Fortunate to be under your guidance for 15 year and running :)

Sarabjit S Wallia

I work in the Outdoor and Experiential Education space. My area of interest is Transference and I try to achieve it through a combination of Research and Practice

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