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Young Leadership in the Community

‘Leadership’ is a considerably abused word, used to add credibility and importance to anything! I do not disagree with the idea that it IS an important trait. I have a problem in making it larger than life, and presumably attainable only by a few ‘capable’, ‘born with it’ type of beings!

We live our lives in a state of inter-dependence. What we do affects others, as what others do affects us. This inter-connectedness is Community. What happens in a community can be influenced by us when we practice Leadership with ourselves first!

Many of us feel like we are being dragged through time by someone else’s authority, power and desires. We are unwilling participants on the journey, but do not know what to do about it. The question we ask is ‘How can I lead myself out of such drudgery without violence and with grace?’ It is an act of Leading oneself through this journey of life.

Let me begin by sharing an alternate idea about Leadership, starting by stating what I think are myths!

Leadership assumes Followership.

Leadership is often measured by Followership.


It can be a truth-defying moment to feel like you are in that ‘position’ and turn around to see there is no one else around you! 

Leadership is not Positional. It Is a state of Being


Leadership assumes the use of Power

Specifically it assumes the Power over another. To get things done; the ability to deliver one’s expectations through others.


That often invites Controlling and manipulative behaviours which eventually becomes stressful! True in the context of parenting and organisations. Here we address inner power.


Kindness and humility can work as a powerful platform to harness inner power.

Leadership exists only when it can be measured.

What timeframe shall we use? We want immediate results, often as fast as swiping a touchscreen!


Yet most influences of Leadership are seen years after consistent practice of certain behaviours. Leadership is a constant, consistent practice of things in the moment.


It does not begin with an agenda of bringing about change outside us!

Leadership is Action, Movement, Change!

Leadership is often seen as someone Doing something. Our eyes and ears are accustomed to that definition. How else would we ‘know’ it?

Yet, the story of the Buddha sitting quietly next to the mother that was in mourning is an act of great Leadership!

It can be the quiet presence of the master in the presence of the agitated student.

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