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Raccoon Circles

2 days

Activities are an important part of any program that claims to be Experiential in approach. It is often seen as the application of the Kolb’s experiential learning cycle’s 4 phases:  Experience – Reflect – Generalise – Apply.

Yet, there is a big difference between running an ‘activity’ and offering an ‘experience’. Presenting that difference to our audiences is an art!

This 2-day skill building workshop offers experiences to it’s participants! You will learn how to Brief the activity, watch for learning moments, and process the experience with the group – using simple, affordable, easily available props such as Ropes, Strings and Tapes. This time i am also adding activities using different kinds of cards, and plastic pipe-based games.

Learn to 

  • Choose activities for different stages of group development - the beginning, middle and closure.

  • Use activities with specific objectives in mind.

  • Vary the brief to create experiences for introductions, to energise, to get-to-know-each- other, to build trust, for communication, problem-solving, decision-making, Leadership, self-discovery and closure.

  • Run an activity from a source book of almost 100 activities that comes with the workshop.

  • Offer meaningfulness to our audience’s lives and workplace by building better transference of learning through the activities.

Origin of the name 

This is a term often used to describe a length of tubular tape that can be used as a powerful tool by educators (outdoor, classroom, adult) regardless of setting and audience to create meaningful experiences.

The term was originally used by Tom Smith (nick-named ‘The Raccoon’ by his peers) in his workshop years ago. He also published a book with the name.

I have added a lot more from different sources, including variations that I created on the spur in my work.

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