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A 2-day immersion into learning to use activities with specific objectives in mind.
Currently the most commonly asked for are activities to understand and learn more about Collaboration, Teaming, Decision-making, Conflict, Communication  and Leadership.

In the Outdoors and Indoor classrooms, activities can be used powerfully to help participants understand Concepts and Content.

The 2 days will add to your Play-bag of activities – we will be using simple props such as Ropes, Tapes, Strings, Cups, Cards, Alphabets and Numbers to learn new activities. ​

  • How to sequence activities through whatever duration of programs you may be running. What activities are better suited for the beginning, middle and end of your interventions.

  • Choosing activities for specific purposes such as Empathy, Team-building, Collaboration, Conversations and so on.

  • An activity by itself remains an activity if we do not get the group to reflect upon what happened – with individuals, and the group. Learn to Debrief based on whether you want to bring their attention towards Self-awareness, Self-Management, Social awareness or relationship skills.

  • Discover what to look for when you are the facilitator, so you can ask appropriate questions to the group – before, during and after the activity.

the ACTIVITY must become an EXPERIENCE!

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