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ELI Quest - Episode 1
Vishwas Parchure

ELI Quest - Episode 1

Here are the questions explored in this episode: 1) During a debrief, as I am listening to the responses of different participants, how do I do the processing in that moment to bring it all together and move the group in their learning experience? 2) How might we use EE to foster a ripple effect of empathy that moves from those interested and open to others harder to reach? 3) In your mind, what are some of the most critical things to practice in the context of EE and self management? Another way of putting it - What are some key principals to make it easier to facilitate ourselves? 4) How do we marry the content with skills? In context with 21st century skills (critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration) that are required for current job scenarios and the school curriculum which is important for passing out? 5) What is a way to prep for an experience/conversation without knowing your audience and what they want? I'm currently leading one on one and group spaces online for people to process their thoughts and emotions but we don't know who will show up and what they mat be expecting so it sometimes becomes hard to plan a flow/activities. 6) I am exploring a way of communication through questions, so instead of assuming and declating I would try to ask questions, since you have been facilitating since quite sometime, I would like to know your experience about it and is there any particular thing that has stood out for you whole practicing this? I want to know how can we ask better questions and use it as a way of communication instead of reacting. 7) I had a group of high school teachers, who said they were having a lot of trouble with some of their students. When we started talking about how it could be addressed, they wanted me to suggest answers. When I tried, though they agreed they had not tried them before, they just knew it wouldn't work. They wanted more and 'different' solutions. 8) What is the difference between 'influence' and 'manipulation' in the context of a leadership role played by the facilitator? Can I influence someone without manipulating the process that gives me a result?
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