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 Facilitating for Transfer of Learning 

This is the river of life.

The experiences we have may never repeat themselves.

Most of what we experience is lost in the noise of living!

To learn something and choose to apply it later is a deliberate act.

The effect that a previous experience has on a future experience is called Transfer

The purpose of Education is for 

Whatever is learned in Training (Skills / knowledge) is applied at work.

What is taught in the classroom finds application in real life situations.

That Theory finds a place for meaningful Practice.

Yet, when we deliver Content in the classroom, we do it and test for its understanding in isolation. Rarely do we take into account the several things that help to make Transfer of the learning into real life more effective.

Facilitating for Transfer is a course intended for educators to learn more effective ways to help their audiences learn through building a better understanding of what Transfer means, and how you can use deliberate strategies to make learning and application of skills and knowledge more effective.


Which of these will you use to gather your learning for the day?

This process of making connections between ‘Now’ and ‘Then’, is called Transference. The true effectiveness of a program lies in how learning experienced NOW can serve the learner in the future.



  1. You have an understanding about the methodology and terminology used in Experiential Education.

  2. You have had some experience in running activities and conducting reflection sessions in your group learning environments.


The 6 Sessions intend to cover the following:

  • A quick review about Experiential methodology.

  • Perspectives on Processing experiences and looking at how far we can take it.

  • Theories and Types of Transfer.

  • Practice in facilitating Transfer through Role-plays

  • An extra 7th session is open for suggestions to Co-create / Clarify. That decision will be made by the group's energy!


AEE Members only

Course Code


6 weeks

(2.5 hours/week)

flexible for dialogue


 28th May - 2 July 2021 

 6 - 830pm IST on Fridays 

 6 online sessions 

Click here if you wish to pay from outside India

or write to for details.

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