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  ELIfest December 2019  

Every once in a while you will meet a Master.

Someone who has been doing something specific in their field for a long time. They display expertise, poise, self-assuredness, ease, agility, and the ability to play around with their domain knowledge as though it were a magic wand! Or so it appears to the person in training!

We will have the pleasure to host such Masters in the field of Experiential Education this December. They are authors of several books, and have contributed many years of practice to the field of education. Adventurers in their own ways, they bring a wonderful sense of joy and discovery to their work and relationships.

In the time that i have spent with them, i have left with a strange excitement to put what i saw, heard and felt into practice as soon as possible! Their work has always been a beacon in the steering of my own learning, always wishing i could do what they do!

You must also be on a journey, figuring out how to be better at what you do. Here is an opportunity to Watch, Listen, Absorb and Learn from them in Pune and Bengaluru.

Workshops in Pune & Bengaluru

7-8 December 2019

Residency Club

camp, Pune

14-15 December 2019



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