As outdoor professionals, we hold people’s lives in our hands.

This comprehensive course is designed to take Field Instructors, Program Leaders and Field Operations Managers beyond passion.

Covering the core elements of physical safety, individual modules in the program focus on building a risk & safety mindset that is needed for responsible outdoor leadership.



What will you take away?

  • Core Outdoor Education Theory

  • Methodical Decision Making Skills in the Field

  • Risk Assessment and Management skills 

  • Ability to write a Risk Plan. 

  • Situational/Conditional Leadership Theory

  • How to Lead groups in the Outdoors space  (OE skills, Strategy, Psychology.)



What can you expect?

  •  This course may need you to unlearn some of the things you may have learnt over years. 

  • The course combines theory and practice. Parts of it will need you to read!

  • To get the maximum out of this course, you will need to spend 6-8 hours/week (beyond the sessions) on your learning.  

Learning happens best in a collaborative environment.

We would like you to question, discuss, listen to and engage with your peers.

 7 Comprehensive Modules.

Each Module is open to participants, as a stand alone module or as a series.

A combination online sessions: 90 mins per week


Outdoor Journey: 4 – 8 days  (module dependent)

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 Outdoor Leadership Course (OLC) 

  • What is Adventure Programming

  • Hallmark of Adventure Programming

  • History of Indian Outdoors 

  • Outdoor Leadership Wall

  • Outward Bound Process Model

  • Adventure Wave

  • Group Development Theory

  • Learning Cycle

  • Accident Theory

  • Trip Planning (Before – During - After)

  • Outdoor Leadership Styles

  • Facilitation Styles

 Starts Jan 29, 2021 

8 Online + 8 Field Days

Online : Every Friday 6 - 7.30 p.m.

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 /- ($125)

(15% discount for AEE members)

Cost of Field Days will be at actuals for venue and travel to the selected location.

 Risk and Safety Management 

  • Adventure experience paradigms

  • Accident Theory (Part of OLC)

  • Trip planning (Before – During - After) 

  • Risk management skills (Weather, navigation, body temperature survival, 1st-aid)

  • Conditional Outdoor Leadership Theory (COLT)

  • Philosophical issues in adventure programming

  • Perils and Hazards

  • Risk management countermeasures

  • Program Risk Management

  • Conditional Favourability

  • Accident Response

 Starts Feb 11, 2021 

6 Online + 4 Field Days

Online : Every Thurs 6 - 7.30 p.m.

Course Fee: Rs.7,000 /- ($100)

(15% discount for AEE members)

Cost of Field Days will be at actuals for venue and travel to the selected location.



has over 2 decades of Experience designing and delivering physically and emotionally safe outdoor experiences for Children and Adults. Having worked with Inme Learning Pvt. Limited first as Head of Learning and Development and then as COO till 2019, Sarabjit, has built India’s first Standard Operating Procedure manual for outdoor programs with focus on a range of scenarios like Injury in the field , Road Travel, Lost Group / Individual, Landslides, Floods.


The SOP focuses on organisational standardisation of key aspects like evacuation process, roles and responsibilities, communication protocols & timelines, etc. His key process and training driven initiatives include Audit, Review of Field Processes and Safety and Participant experiences.


He effortlessly combines the principles of Experiential Education, Outdoor and Adventure Based Counselling . He has worked with over 15000 young adults across the globe, and currently heads Entendido, a company focused on working with youth on imparting 21st Century and SEL Skills.



2009-2010 : Masters in Outdoor Education La Trobe Univesity, Australia 
2008: Graduate Diploma In Outdoor & Environmental Education La Trobe University, Australia 
2004: Certified Facilitator for Adventure Based Counselling Project Adventure. USA 

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