Courses 2022

The pandemic has affected most people's perspective about how things were being done earlier, and how they might be done in the future. It has stayed long enough for us to not just 'think' it, but 'do' it differently!

I moved from being a die-hard believer in the in-person, community experience with tea, biscuits and activities to considering virtuality as a possible means of learning and connection.

The Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice continues it's evolutionary process. Starting 2022, instead of the older 9-month format, it will be offered in topical fragments, sometimes with the in-person piece as an addition. These are the possible modules:

  1. Experiential methodology - Theories in Practice

  2. Perspectives on Learning - How and why it happens

  3. Activity & Experience - How to use them (has in-person component)

  4. Reflection - Making activities meaningful

  5. Self-development & Facilitation - Who you are matters

  6. Design - To sharpen delivery

To know more

Each module offers a Certificate of participation.

To get a Diploma Certificate, doing modules 1, 3 and 4 are mandatory.

I am a Teacher.
How can i learn about Experiential Education?

Is Experiential methodology relevant
to me as a Corporate Trainer?

I lead a team. i want to understand how to manage people with honour and respect.

I am not an educator. How is this methodology relevant?

I am a parent. Will this methodology help me understand why my children are the way they are?