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It has been a wonderful journey with 2 batches, totally 70 participants.


The attention with the 2nd batch was on teachers, and how to apply the principles in a school classroom.


We are ready to begin ee2go-3 on 3rd October. This time the stories and examples will be about how to apply the principles for adult learners. So this is a shout-out to all those who do Corporate Training and the Service-learning sector, and if you are working with adults.

Besides Concepts in methodology we will also look at how to Design and effectively Deliver powerful experiences for adult groups.

Our skills at making the sessions interactive and meaningful are getting sharpened.We have done a lot of new stuff to keep it engaging - and as a result went over the time boundary many times! Such wonderful conversations!

A 2N/3D Outdoor activity session is being offered as part of this course.

The venue will be around Pune/Mumbai. The cost will be shared by whoever attends it.

If you are from another state, we will give you a 2--month notice for you to plan your travel and so on.

Taking everything that I have been doing all these years, we have crunched it into 2.5 hour capsules! What has emerged so far was new for me - and we have made great progress in making the capsules sharp, loaded with content, with many concepts built from stories in practice instead of the other way around.


We never imagined that we would be able to create online what we are doing right now.


Since we cannot depend on the face-to-face possibility, the way we have been thinking through the content has been very different. And in many ways quite powerful! It's certainly DEEP online, although I dare say parts of it are even better!

Our Third course starts on 3rd October, and if you feel you might be ready for a new perspective, you are welcome to register.

This one is being directed at Adult, Corporate Trainers, and anyone involved in developing Human Resources. 

Please know, this course is also going global with registrations from UK, and many hits from USA, Africa, Singapore and around the world.


The seats usually fill up fast!

Course Code


8 weeks

(2.5 hours/week)

flexible for dialogue


 3 Oct - 21 Nov 2020 

Every Saturday 5 - 7.30 PM (IST)


Fee: Rs. 10,030/-

(Inclusive of GST@18%)

Click here if you wish to pay from outside India

or write to for details.


  • Adult Educators

  • Corporate Trainers

  • HRD folk


  • Understand the guiding principles of Experiential Methodology.

  • Understand key theories and models.

  • Stories from Corporate Training to help build Context of the Concepts.

  • Dialogue time for clarifications and insight.

  • Ideas and methods to take it into the Classroom


  • Principle considerations in the Practice of Experiential Education

  • Creating Safe Environments:  Addresses learner environments, and methods that empower individuals and learners.

  • Understanding Learning: Bringing about Learning in Different environments. Learning theory in the context of EE and elements that affect learning.

  • Building a sense of Community in the Adult ClassroomUnderstand how groups develop in order to offer what works for learning.

  • How the principles apply to Design and Delivery on themes like Team-building, Leadership development, Communication skills, Collaboration.

A Certificate will be offered if you satisfy all the conditions of attendance and homework!



(Corporate Facilitator & Executive Coach)

I had attended the DEEP course in person and now I am going through it virtually. The virtual version is giving me deeper insights and inviting me to re-examine experiential education and learning in our current context of social distancing. After going through your online session I am questioning how I define 'experience'... Do experiential educators focus too much on the P(physical) of PIES? May be that's why we are struggling with making virtual experiences real!