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The introductory session is an important one. Participants come with their own Contexts and understanding(s) of what the words ‘Experiential’, ‘Education’ and ‘Learning’ mean. There is curiosity, anxiety, apprehension and excitement in the air. Its Thick! It can be felt!

Through an introductory process, the group discovers some things about one another, their histories and aspirations through story-telling. Building an acceptance of the group they are going to be with for the next 9 months is an important part of group process. 

Some of the models that give grounding to the field of experiential education are discussed. A partial list includes:

  • Colin Beard’s 6 dimensions

  • 3 C’s in the context of being an Educator (equals being Facilitator, Teacher, Trainer, Parent, anybody influencing another).

  • Activity vs Experience

  • Models of Learning theories in the EE (Experiential Education Context)

  • The participants are made part of a Learning Management System.

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